Sunday 15 April 2012


St Catharine's College

Corpus Christi College

  Ramsden Room Rushmore Room Harley Mason Room



302 Workshop
OERopoly: Collaborate and build communities
Chair: Connolly, T.
Wilson, T.
Makriyannis, E.
Lane, A.

241 Workshop
Making Open Courseware Together
Chair: Cherlin, E.




363 Workshop
Using Creative Commons Licenses for Education
Chair: Upendran, J.





301 Workshop
Growing the OERu: from seed to sapling to forest
Chair: Witthaus, G.
McGreal, R.
Murray, J.
Bell, G.

283 Workshop
Using an Open Source ePortfolio (Mahara) to build a Personal Learning Environment
Chair: Murphy, E.




Monday 16 April 2012
Queens' College - Bar/Conservatory

Poster Session

221 Special Features of Development and Use of innovative Art and Architecture Education Programs in Open Training Courses Topchiy, I.
228 Moodle 2 for OER: the good, the bad and the ugly Gray, J.
229 Design, Development and Evaluation of Collaboratively Developed Open Educational Resources for the Post-Primary Classroom Marcus-Quinn, A.
234 The Obviousness of Open Policy Green, C.
236 Mobile Xerte - Mobile Learning Spaces Tenney, J.
240 Writing Commons, Peer Production and the Future of Open Textbooks Moxley, J.
242 Economics of Open Courseware Cherlin, E.
243 OCW and OER-Based Digital Textbooks in Teacher Education Programs Liu, H.
256 Opening Up the Curriculum: Midwifery Open Education Resources – Who Benefits? Williams, J.
257 Quality of learning materials, a minimum model for Wikiwijs Schuwer, R.
263 Institutional Collaboration of OpenCourseware in the Cloud Era - Experience of TOCWC Wan, H.


274 Rapid Course Development using OCW Resources: applying the inverted classroom model in an Electrical Engineering course Carchidi, D.
275 Recognizing Achievements in Informal Open Learning Schmidt, P.
280 Engaging; Employers, Professional Bodies and OER Fowler, M.
289 Simple and Attractive Streamlined Knowledge Dissemination Kese, P.
293 Demonstration Dixon, Z.
297 Contemporary Development of the Student use of Open Education Resources Hurt, L.
304 Reuse and Repurpose: the life story of an (open) educational resource Lane, A.
305 Promoting a Culture of Sharing in European Projects Grodecka, K.
307 transLectures Juan, A.
312 Using Online Synchronous Interviews to Explore the Workflows, Barriers and Benefits for OER Practitioners Prior, J.
315 A Proposed Strategy to Solve the Learning Gap between University Course Materials and Software Vendor Support Materials Oliver, M.


318 iOCW: Improved Navigation of OpenCourseWare Tosa. N.
319 The OERtest Clearinghouse Montes, R.
321 Testing a Strategy for Collaborative Course Development: harnessing the potential of OER Alexander, L.
323 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow on OCW in Japan Fukuhara, Y.
325 Using a Repository of OERs as the Vehicle for Curriculum Renewal Alexander, L.
326 OER Creation and Collaboration: What difference can open technology make? Albright, S.
327 Expanding the Ecosystem for Remixable OER Fletcher, K.
332 Card Tricks and Cartoons: how to converse about OER with people who know nothing about it Pegler, C.
351 Community Colleges and their role in the Open Courseware Consortium Daly, U.
355 Global Platform for Open Education Kumar, N.
362 Open Social Learning on OpenStudy and its Impact on the Informal Learner Ram, P.